Blame The Booker

Sachsentrance Resident

Her heart beats to the nostalgic sounds of the 90s rave, Hardcore/Gabber scene. For the Berlin-based synesthetic artist with a multicultural upbringing, thanks to her Russian-Ukrainian parents, music is an integral part of her inner life, guiding her emotions, evoking sensations, and memories ever since. Her passion for exploring other cultures, especially their rhythms, and finding new music has early begun. Having a background as a professional dancer and dance trainer in various styles, she can't imagine expressing her feelings without the help of music and finds solace in it. Her diverse musical taste is evident in her sets, blending Hardtrance, Hardtechno, Neorave, Eurodance, and influences and sounds from various cultures and of various decades of music history with every genre you can imagine. As Blame the Booker continues to captivate the music scene with her, sex positive and sensual as well as hard performances, her infectious energy and captivating sets promise to leave a lasting impression.

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