The Jakob Sister

Sachsentrance Resident

You are in for a wild ride when The Jakob Sister aka DJ Gonzo steps into the Game and turns the dance floor to her playground with no breaks. Being one of the masterminds behind the infamous Sachsentrance Crew, as well as part of the Duos Funky Floorburn and Hitstorm, she can be understood as an irresistible force of hard beats mixed with the essence of her collective itself: hot floorbangers and a fun attitude about it. What makes her musical performance absolut unique is her diverse repertoire, ranging from trance to hardtrance, acid, hard house and neo rave - she understands how to make you sweat! You know it’s been a Sachsentrance Party when you leave the party after an unforgettable night, your body moved into a transcendental stadium and your mind asking itself if it accidentally landed in a Club Edition of Fast & Furious - Full Power BPM: equally satisfied and hungry for more.

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